Drain Jet Surveys

Established in 2003, Drain Jet Surveys Limited is a company that specialises in drainage surveys, cleaning and investigatory work.

Based in a very remote location, with no phone line or internet connection the day to day running of the business was being affected and needed to be resolved.

Having originally approached a large national supplier Lindsey Smith – Managing Director of Drainjet Surveys Limited was advised to have a phone line installed. Weeks of chasing passed and after being let down by the supplier on many occasions Lyndsey cancelled the contract. Based on a recommendation from a Midlands-based business, Lyndsey approached Spire for help.

Spire could have simply provided a new line but instead recommended a much simpler and more affordable solution. By using a simple mobile 4G wifi device, Lyndsey’s business could be connected to the outside world within hours, with no fuss or need to pay for unnecessary work. This offered a greater level of flexibility and unlike the national supplier’s solution, no long contracts.

Lindsey Smith, Managing Director, Drain Jet Surveys Limited Says…

“I chose to go with Spire because I trusted in the team to deliver. They offered me a simple, affordable and effective solution that solved all our issues. I am very happy with the outcome. My experience with national suppliers showed me that they were unreliable and untrustworthy. I would strongly recommend Spire for their communications or business management solutions. They build up a personal relationship with their clients that shows they genuinely care about your business. It just takes one phone call and any issues or queries are dealt with. There are no call centres or automated messages, just a knowledgeable and friendly member of the team at the end of the phone, ready to help!”

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