Worcester Warriors

Worcester Warriors are a professional rugby club with a multi-conference and events complex within its stadium.

The offices work around the clock in the background ensuring everything runs smoothly. It would be catastrophic if services dropped. Not being able to communicate externally and between departments would be disastrous, especially on match days.

Looking back 4 years, the offices at Worcester Warriors were using standard phone lines and needed to upgrade to VoIP (Voice over internet protocol which uses a data connection (the internet) rather than a traditional phone line). VoIP is less expensive and easier to operate and manage.

National telecoms companies, as well as smaller businesses, were approached to find the best solution. However, all providers came back with excessive quotes and complicated proposals. All of which were dismissed due to budgets and time restraints.

Brought in initially as consultants to offer straightforward and impartial advice, Spire suggested an innovative and affordable solution. Rather than replacing the existing system, Spire upgraded everything, saving the Warriors in excess of £35,000. The upgrade had the added benefits of using both digital and VoIP giving an effective disaster recovery plan.

The relationship between Warriors and Spire naturally grew. Now, 4 years on, Spire provides all their voice services.

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