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A superior business phone system – get 3CX!

Choosing the right business phone system involves considering internet reliability, handset numbers, growth plans, budget, and support options. Focus on these key factors to select the optimal system for your business needs.

Our 3CX communication system offers unlimited extensions without per-extension licensing.

Mask employee numbers with business ones to enhance workflow and customer experience.

We offer 'communications', not just 'telephone', as our systems include standard video conferencing.

With the 3CX mobile app on iOS and Android, your team stays connected through video, chat, and phone remotely.

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3CX Gold Partner

“Reaching the Gold Partner status with 3CX is a testament to Spire technology Group’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional communication solutions”

– Paul Clarke Senior Channel Manager


We have dealt with Spire, possibly since they started, at first just for maintaining our phone system, helping remotely when possible and when we had a major failure, came out and changed a couple of controllers. When we looked at cutting costs, they set us up with a couple of IP lines to try before going the whole hog, that went well, so now we have saved a massive amount of money on calls by going over to IP for all our lines. Very pleased with the advice and help we have received from Spire.


Spire communications have massively improved our internal communication within our business. They offer a superb service, have a great view of the products available in the market and are very focused on building a long term relationship. Spire were recommended to us and we would certainly pass that on if you are thinking about changing your phone system, leased line or generally any business related communications.


The way that Spire took time to understand and address our commercial concerns, make a strategy recommendation, and then move on to the phased installation, was even better than we had hoped.


Working with Spire has easily saved us over £3000 in capital costs and around £150 every quarter. Not to mention the time they have saved me by managing the expansion work and dealing with our old provider on my behalf.

3CX – Supplier Endorsement

3CX Gold Partner

Reaching the Gold Partner status with 3CX is a testament to Spire Technology Group’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional communication solutions. Since becoming a 3CX partner in 2020 this achievement signifies not just a milestone but a culmination of dedication, expertise, and a customer-centric approach that Spire Technology consistently demonstrates. The Gold Partner status underscores their ability to offer unparalleled services, innovative solutions, and a deep understanding of the evolving communication landscape. This recognition not only highlights their proficiency in implementing 3CX solutions but also showcases their commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry, ensuring clients receive the best-in-class support and technology. Congratulations once again to Spire Technology Group for this remarkable accomplishment!

Paul Clarke – Senior Channel Manager

Our expertise is key

Leverage Spire’s expertise for tailored 3CX Phone Systems

With over fifteen years of experience in the rapidly evolving telecommunication sector, we at Spire are committed to sourcing and supporting the optimal solution for your business phone system, tailored to your unique business needs.

We understand that choosing between numerous options such as a fully hosted or on-premise cloud-based system can be challenging, regardless of your familiarity with telephone systems.

Whether you’re planning to upgrade, or replace your existing telephony, or seeking your first hosted telephone system, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


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