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Remote Working

Problems of remote working

Remote working is a necessity to some businesses in today’s world, with the growing risks and government guidance surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flexible working is also becoming a longer-term requirement for businesses as technology becomes increasingly more virtualised and for example travel arrangements both on the roads and public transport become more congested or affected by accidents and service incidents which can impact the day. Organisations recognise that to help reduce overheads and capture the best talent despite their geographical locations their strategies should include a level of remote working to cater for a mobile workforce.

From employees working from home once or twice a week to entire companies exclusively working without a central office from the cloud, remote working is our future and many businesses are already taking advantage of the benefits now. The problem can be that the remote systems need to be reliable and offer the organisation a consistent user experience to ensure communication both internally and with clients and suppliers alike is efficient.


Remote working strategies can be challenging to implement due to technology restrictions. Spire can offer affordable and simple solutions regardless of your physical location which are tailored to your business and budgets. We make it possible to work away from the office whilst retaining the same communication and collaborative features as if you were in the office.

Modern business is dispelling the preconceptions that remote workers are less productive daily and proving the many benefits of working away from the office.

How can we help?

Speak to us today and we’ll discuss how we can help with:

  • Remote VOIP – make and receive calls whilst ensuring your company’s brand image stays the same when your colleagues work remotely (deployed in a matter of days, wherever you are!)
  • Collaboration, multiple services in one place – Document sharing, instant chat, video and audio conferencing
  • Business Mobiles – make calls presenting the works number from your business mobile (e.g. 01905)
  • Internet Connectivity – short-term flexible business grade contracts with a strong, reliable connection
  • Mobile MiFi – portable WiFi devices which can be used wherever you are!
  • Online Security – ensuring your works security policies won’t be compromised whilst your working from home