Windows 11: The Pros and Cons

As promised by Microsoft, Windows 11 is being released at the end of 2021. Microsoft has stated that Windows 10 will be retired on 14th October 2025, so after then, there will be no more security updates. Windows 11 has been redesigned with a focus on productivity and...

3CX Microsoft 365 Integration Update

An update on 3CX’s Microsoft 365 integration had been announced by their CEO, Stefan Walther this month and it makes for interesting reading. 3CX expanded the integration into Microsoft services in their latest version, version 18. This integration included...

Office 365 Backups

Why should you backup Office 365? As most of us know Microsoft’s Office 365 platform has taken over most of the world, or at least it feels like it has.  We have spent many years moving organizations including data and email into the cloud. There is no surprise...

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