Rob Marshall, Gateway2Lease , Operations Director Says…

…“Here at Gateway2Lease we are a family run business in Worcestershire that is now over 10 years old. We grew very quickly and have built a great structure with strong local links. To continue to grow, we need partners like Spire, that are flexible and provide a service with the sole purpose of offering the right products tailored to our individual business needs.

We needed a hosted telephone system with call recording that was easily accessible while adhering to data protection and strict legislation laws. Our suppliers at the time could not provide this and we were unhappy with their service. There was no flexibility or options to downsize or switch products at any time, contracts were restrictive and we felt that we did not benefit in anyway by agreeing to such strict terms. We also found that the billing was often very complicated to understand and they were unable to provide us with the right service for our business needs.

We needed a company that was completely transparent, offered the right solution and provided great service. I knew going forward I wanted a local and trustworthy provider. There is a lot to be said about going with local independent businesses. Big corporate companies cannot often match the level of service and detail that independent businesses can offer. For example in my experience larger companies may be able to offer every service in one package but they do not have the key communication skills needed to deal with clients or have the speed of response required in the event of any issues. They are quick to sell or upgrade packages without understanding your actual requirements when a simpler or cheaper solution can often be the better choice.

We found Spire to be the right company for us. Having met on many occasions with the Spire team, we built a relationship that gave me complete confidence and trust in them which is incredibly important to us at Gateway2Lease. I know we get what we need, when its needed, with no unnecessary add-ons. Spire never push you to upgrade or buy, the team spend the time to get to know their clients and their business needs ensuring they offer the right tailored solutions.

Switching providers is not always quick and simple but in my experience Spire has made that process slick and as easy as it could have been. We didn’t lose any service during the switch over period which was paramount to the running of Gateway2Lease. They have offered us a tailored solution that has proven to be effective and reliable ensuring we are compliant as well as giving me the confidence to know that we are all able to work remotely if needed.

My experience with Spire has been excellent and will continue to be, I’m sure. Spire always did what they said they would do, have always been contactable, responding quickly and welcoming all queries. You often feel accountable when recommending a service to a friend or connection but I do this with confidence. I would strongly recommend Spire, they are a local company that you can trust to deliver with a completely transparent process from the start to the finish.”

My advice to anyone looking for telephony and/or business management systems would be:

  1. Work with a company that you trust.
  2. The big national providers are not always the best as they can often be focused on just selling not on providing a good service.
  3. Do your research.
  4. Understand who your dealing with and what you want from a provider.
  5. Search for reviews and ask questions.
  6. Meet the teams.
  7. Find out what roles these companies play from start to finish. Are they there with you through every step of the way?
  8. I would strongly recommend Spire.