The beast from the east part 2

The Beast from The East Part 2

Posted on 08-11-2019

Your business may be affected by the bad weather in the coming months. Snow is already hitting parts of the UK causing disruption and outages. With more due over the next few days and weeks, an increase in late or even absent staff, as well as telephone lines and internet connections going down, will be costing companies £1000s in lost revenue.
Staff can be delayed or miss work due to cancelled or late running trains, dangerous driving conditions or even being snowed in. Productivity will no doubt suffer as a consequence and schedules will need to be adapted or changed.

Maintaining communication is crucial for staff and client relations for many businesses. When your office is down or struggling with the weather your customers or your competitors may still be up and running with no issues. You could be missing out on vital communications that could cost your business dearly.

“If we can’t get high-quality broadband or telephony services we can’t operate our business, it is a necessity. Communication is what we do for a living. If we can’t communicate with our customers, we can’t earn money. There are no holes in my communication strategy. I do not have to worry about anything or employ anyone – it is seamless.”
Richard Kirk, Co-Owner of Be Curious.

Storms are arriving, is your business prepared with a disaster recovery plan if you lose services or if staff are unable to get into the office?

There are simple and affordable systems and steps that can be put in place to help secure your business during adverse weather conditions. These systems come with added benefits which will help you during adverse weather but can also be used throughout the year.

Our solutions can open up opportunities for remote working which could reduce the overhead costs of the day to day running of your office amongst other benefits.

“We often come up with challenges that Spire have gone above and beyond to achieve. As part of our disaster recovery plan, a backup phone line was installed, so if the main lines go down, we are able to continue working as normal.”
Gene Willis, Head of Stadium Operations at Worcester Warriors.

Why not take a look at our testimonials to see what we have done for other companies.

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