3CX Is: Your Team Meeting Software Platform

Internal communication is vital to the success of any organisation. From regular phone conversations to chat messages, keeping your team in the loop can be a time-consuming task. With the emergence of distributed working, video conferencing has seen enormous growth over the past few years. Those Monday morning team meetings are now routinely split between in-person and remote participation. 3CX Video Conferencing includes many advanced features that can enhance any team meeting.

Browser-based for ease

3CX Video Conferencing is easy to use, making it a stress-free option to keep your team meetings running smoothly. It is fully integrated within the 3CX Web Client, so that there is no need to download additional software. As it is browser-based, guests can be invited to the meeting quickly no matter what operating system they are using.

Need to join on the go? No problem

Not all team members operate from home or at a desk, so it is important they are still included in the meeting. The 3CX Mobile App for video conferencing allows Android and iOS users to connect and keep in the loop.

Advanced in-meeting technology

3CX whiteboard presentation

Meetings these days are a great platform for sharing information with colleagues, getting a general team consensus, and making business decisions. To do that, there are many distinct elements that a video conferencing platform must include. 3CX includes all the following advanced in-meeting features:

  • Whiteboard/Chalkboard: When used with a USB drawing pen, users can sketch ideas, draw diagrams, and annotate with text overlays.
  • PDF sharing: Documents can be displayed on the screen for all of your team to see and discuss. When PDF documents are shared, annotation tools can be used in addition to a pointer to bring participants’ attention to a specific section of the document.
  • Screen sharing: Entire screens, specific windows, or browser tabs can be shared to make product demonstrations or overviews easy.
  • Camera sharing: Present the output from a separate camera connected to the presenter’s computer. This is a great feature for overhead cameras to show the presenter’s desk.
  • YouTube video playback: Any existing public content on YouTube can be played within a meeting, giving the presenter the power to pause, play and end the video at any moment.
  • Polls: Need to get a consensus or want to quiz your team? Polls are the perfect way to achieve it. Answers can be set to be anonymous and a report of the poll results can be downloaded once the polling results are complete.
  • Meeting recording: Need to record your meeting for future reference or compliance? 3CX Video Conferencing includes recording in 3 different resolutions (480p, 720p & 1080p) at no additional cost that can be downloaded up to 7 days after a meeting has ended. The recording is also sent to the organizer’s email once the meeting is completed.

Extend your reach to millions

3CX live video conferencing

While 3CX Video Conferencing is perfect for your internal team meetings and can support up to 250 participants, what if you want or need to extend your reach even further? 3CX v18 users can benefit from YouTube integration allowing you to broadcast to millions. Any meeting, no matter if it is a new product launch or training program, can be linked to YouTube, keeping your team around the world up to date.

Interested in learning more about 3CX and how it could help your Team Meeting requirements? Contact us today.

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