10 Tips for Better Interneting – Use the Internet Like a Pro!

Oct 30, 2021

The internet is as amazing as it is vast, we all know that, but are you making the most of it? We’ve put together 10 fantastic tips to help you utilise the internet even better.
1. Flush your DNS
Clear out the cached DNS entries on your computer or phone. This slows down your web access initially, as every URL needs to be looked up again, but it wipes incorrect and out-of-date entries and keeps your browsing lean and mean in the longer term. On Windows, type “ipconfig /flushdns” into a command prompt window; on macOS, type “sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder” in a Terminal window; on Android go to Settings then Apps & notifications to find your browser app and clear its cache; and on iOS open up Settings then choose General, Reset, and Reset Network Settings.
2. Block Third-Party Cookies
Cookies—little bits of code left on your browsing device—can be handy in certain situations (for remembering your location on a weather site, for example), but you want to make sure you block third-party cookies, the ones that monitor you across multiple sites and link those actions together. You’ll find an option to block these cookies in just about every browser’s settings panel (some do it by default).
3. Keep Your Software Updated
This goes for every type of app and program on your devices, but make sure your browsers are always up to date and running the latest versions—it protects you against online threats, it reduces the number of bugs you’re likely to come across, and it ensures compatibility with the latest web standards. Most modern web browsers now prompt you to update automatically, so don’t neglect these prompts.
4. Use Your Browser’s Password Manager
If you don’t want to set up and maintain a separate password manager application, most modern browsers will offer to remember your passwords and other login credentials for you: look for the option in your browser’s settings screen (it’s under Passwords in the Google Chrome settings, for example). This also means anyone who can get at your browser can get at your accounts, so make sure.
5. Search Specific Sites
Here’s a tip if you use Google as your web search engine of choice—enter your search terms followed by “site:” and then a valid URL, and Google will focus its search on that website. From Wikipedia to PopMech, it can be an invaluable way of finding particular articles from the sites you trust the most or seeing what a particular web source says about a particular topic.
6. Check Your Internet Speed
It’s worth checking your internet speed on a regular basis—whether to make sure your internet service provider is giving you the speeds that they’ve promised or to try and troubleshoot technical problems when you’re not sure if you should blame your browser or your web connection. The Netflix-developed Fast.com is one of the simplest speed test sites out there. (If you aren’t getting the speeds you’d like, this is something we can help you with).
7. Find Out Everything About a Site
Here’s a neat trick when you’re using Chrome on the desktop: click the icon to the immediate left of the URL of the site you’re visiting (it’ll often be a padlock, or sometimes an info symbol), to see a host of details about it. You can see the cookies that the site is storing on your system, and the specific permissions it’s requested.
8. Look Up Word Definitions
Don’t panic if you come across a word you don’t understand while you’re in Microsoft Edge—you can just double-click on it to get a definition. You do need to be in reading mode, however, which you access via the icon on the address bar (the one that looks like a book). To manage this feature, open the Edge menu (three dots, top right), then choose Settings and General.
9. Install Anti-Virus Software
It’s cyber security month so what better time to remind you to keep this at the front of your mind? Staying safe and secure online is so important as cybercriminals continue to create scams. It’s important to learn the signs of what may not be legit online but it’s a good idea to have the safety net of an anti-virus package that you can rely on. We’d recommend ESET. Get in touch with us if this is something you’re interested in.
10. Have a Fast and Reliable Internet Connection
As business practices move online, organisations should have the option to consider the latest technology available. A slow or unreliable connection can be detrimental to the running of most organisations. There are affordable solutions available using different technologies that you may not have been offered or know exists.

Broadband is the most common way to be connected to the internet and does the job but often has issues due to the copper network. You may not have realised that there’s a different option that is recommended for commercial users.

We recommend organisations make the switch to full-fibre internet (leased line) which utilises a new, faster, and more robust network, separate from the copper network (broadband) and includes an SLA (Service Level Agreement), meaning you can rest assured any issues will be dealt with in a timely manner.
If your contract is ending soon, you’re moving premises or maybe you’re just fed up of your slow or unreliable internet connection, get in touch today!
For more information, head over to our contact page or give us a call on 0330 205 0250.
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