Stop Missing Out on Enquiries Because Your Customers are too Anxious to Call – 3CX Live Chat is the Answer

If you’re like me, you’ll try everything you can to avoid calling someone unless you absolutely have to. This is quite ironic especially since I configure and install telephone systems. However, I am not alone in this feeling.

A 2019 survey of UK office workers found that 1981-1997 are the generation that is most anxious whilst on the phone. In this survey, they discovered that 76% of millennials experience anxiety-induced thoughts when they hear the phone ring. If you compare this to their baby boomer colleagues, who come in at 40%, it is a whopping 36% increase.

Phone anxiety can be daunting for a lot of people. A medium of communication that limits people to the sounds of our voices, creating an absence of social queues (body language, eye contact, hand gestures); leaving us self-conscious of the sound of our own voices, our choice of words and thinking ‘Could I have done that any better?’.

There are numerous ways to overcome phone anxiety – but the most effective? Being on the phone. So… how can we get people like me to pick up the phone and give your business a call when they don’t want to be on the phone? The answer? 3CX live chat.

3CX live chat gives the ability to your customers to speak to agents on the phone in real-time directly from their phone client. Not only this, but because 3CX live chat integrates into the phone system, it even lets the customer have the ability to switch to a live phone or video call without the need to dial phone numbers – allowing the agent who was already speaking to a customer to answer the call straight away. This can help reduce your customer’s phone anxiety by switching from a phone call to live chat instantly and leaves your customers speaking to an agent that they are already getting familiar with.

Agents can answer live chats from their 3CX web client, Windows Desktop app or even the mobile app for both iOS and Android. From a web visitors perspective, they can click and select which department they would like to speak to and be greeted by a customised chat greeting according to your businesses’ working hours.

The system also has integration for Facebook and SMS messaging, allowing you to have one system for live chat. Additionally, the system is available for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix and Weebly, allowing for ease of use and configuration.

The live chat solution will not only improve your customer satisfaction, it will also increase your lead conversions. More lead conversions mean more opportunities for your business to grow but that doesn’t mean you need to leave 3CX live chat behind. The system scales with your growing customer base, giving no cap on the number of chats you can receive and send and no cap on the number of agents ready to accept new and existing customer’s requests.

Each new customer and visitor can be converted into new leads within your CRM and with 3CX’s CRM integration, this means customers can be contacted at a later date within your CRM and with 3CX’s click to dial ability.

These new customers and visitors can be converted into new leads within your CRM and with 3CX’s CRM integration this means customers can be contacted at a later date straight from 3CX with the data being populated from your CRM.

3CX allows your customers to experience the benefits of your customer service without the hassle of multiple licenses, numbers to dial and hoops to jump through. With the live chat integration on your site, you can increase the percentage of people willing to contact you by providing more ways to be contacted.

Pick up the audience that is always forgotten and target that lost 26% of people with 3CX live chat who would like to speak to you but just don’t feel comfortable in doing so. Help them feel comfortable and get your business growing.

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