How a Car Dealership Benefits from 3CX

Oct 27, 2021

If you work at or own a car dealership, you know how important it is for you to have great phone service. In fact, phone calls convert to 10-15x more revenue than web leads. A missed or dropped phone call could mean a lost sale or an angry customer. A phone call would make or break your reporting numbers. That’s why we think car dealerships can really benefit from a VoIP phone system from 3CX. You’ll get access wherever you are, added features that make your life easier, and the reporting to make your calls even more effective—all customized to your dealership.

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The more devices you have, the more time and money you’ll save through increased functionality and efficiency. For example, a dealership with five locations could have upwards of 120 devices. That’s 120 opportunities for improved customer service and job efficacy. Keep reading to learn more about all the benefits of 3CX for an auto dealership.

Remote Access

If your dealership currently has an old phone system, your representatives are likely chained to their desk phones, hovering just within earshot. If they feel the need to stay close to the office, then they can’t be out in the lot talking with prospective customers. What your dealership needs is the ability to go where they need to go without the dread of coming back to missed calls.

3CX business phone system offers mobility to the highest degree! With the mobile app, team members can make and receive calls from their cell phones so they’re never without a work phone. Better yet, if someone does need to leave a voicemail, 3CX can transcribe the message and send it straight to their inbox. More connected team members means more business and sales!

Easy Transfer

Have you ever been on a customer service call when the representative says they are going to transfer you—and then they accidentally end the call? And you have to start the whole process again. You know how frustrating that is, so make sure your customers never have to experience that with your dealership.

The easy transfer features by 3CX make it simple and straightforward to send a call to a different extension. When you hit transfer, you can choose from the menu of contacts and send the call to them with ease. You can even see your colleagues call statuses before you transfer them so your customer can speak to someone right away, rather than spending time on hold.

Ultimate Customized Setup

With 3CX, not only do you get all sorts of fantastic features, it’s all customised to the way your dealership is already set up. Want to map your current extension list over? No problem. Want a customised message and phone tree to get your customers started on the right track? We can definitely do that.

Customised call flow allows for granular control of who gets calls when. It can be configured to best fit your dealership’s needs. For example, ring groups can group departments intuitively so that multiple people in a department receive the call for a first come first served approach. Or perhaps you need a lineal failover approach where a call goes to person A first, and then if the call isn’t picked up it would jump to Person B, and so on.

Phone calls are a huge part of the way a car dealership talks with prospective customers, engages current ones, and manages operations. 3CX can take your dealership to the next level.

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