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Jan 25, 2022

The majority of organisations only consider telephone systems as a tool for making and receiving phone calls, but they can be an important aspect of your organisation’s brand. Here are five ways that you can use a telephone system in this way.

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Brand is hugely important to any organisation. Brand is more than a logo or the products or services an organisation offers. Brand really goes deep into the fabric of what makes an organisation. This is why the biggest and best organisations exert so much time and effort into it.

So, how can you use your telephone system to build your brand? There are actually many ways you can utilize your telephone system to do this and they’re more straightforward than you might have thought. The best way to explain how you can build brand through telephone systems is to split the methods into external branding and internal branding.

External Branding

External Branding, for this explanation, can be defined as any branding using your telephone system that directly affects or interacts with anyone outside of your organisation, for instance, your existing clients. These tend to be a little more obvious than the internal branding.

Call Groups

Call groups are a really useful tool that allows you to split phone calls into different departments. For example, when someone calls your organisation, they will be able to select which department that they would like to speak to. If nobody in that department is available, you can pre-select which department’s phones will begin to ring with that call to avoid missing calls altogether.

Call groups are quick and easy to set up and can be totally customised to suit your organisation best. Call groups build brand through telephone systems by increasing customer satisfaction and trust. They not only make the customer’s life easier when trying to speak to the right person but also give off the impression of a professional and modern organisation that wants to hear from their clients.

Answerphone/Messages on Hold

Most organisations have an answerphone these days, that goes without saying. But they’re a useful tool to help build your brand. Make sure that your answer phone message is clear, good quality and professional. It’s also a good idea to update them when needed. For instance, around the festive period, it’s a good idea to update your answer phone message to include your seasonal opening times.

Whether you have one of our 3CX systems or aren’t a client of ours at the moment, we can organise a professional recorded message with your choice of music from as little as £70!

Internal Branding

For the sake of this Insights post, internal branding is referring to standards or procedures that you can implement within your organisation to develop an internal culture that builds your brand going forward.

Call Reporting

Call reporting is a really useful tool, especially for organisations that make a lot of out-going calls such as recruitment companies. We’ve had a lot of interest from our clients about getting their 3CX telephone system reporting displayed on a wallboard. This makes keeping track of call volume, call duration and many other statistics simple. Once you have easy access to this information, the door to creating and maintaining internal cultures to build brand is opened.

Many organisations will let new starters loose answering incoming calls without being able to establish whether the company brand is being communicated the way you would prefer.

To enhance your new employee onboarding process, sharing recordings of seasoned employees will significantly improve the induction exercise and help make a happy employee and customer.

Call Recording

A lot of telephone systems can record calls. For example, 3CX offers internal and external call recording at no additional cost. You can use these call recordings to ensure that customer service standards are being upheld. You could also use recordings of your best sales calls as part of new sales team members’ orientation. There are countless other ways you can use call recordings to help build brand through telephone systems.

Live Webchat Reports

This is specific to 3CX which offers a live webchat on your organisation’s website as part of their phone system but is still a good string to your branding bow. First of all, just having a live webchat feature on your website help to build your brand as a modern organisation. You can see what this looks like on our website in the bottom right of your screen. It’s also a good idea to have this as the majority of millennials don’t like speaking on the phone. You can read more about this in our Insights post, available here.

Live webchat reports give you insight as to how well your agents are dealing with enquiries. This allows you to develop scripts and best practices for how to deal with enquiries to represent your brand as best as possible.

In summary, having a top of the range telephone system gives you access to a huge amount of information which will allow you to develop processes to build your brand effectively. 3CX is the best telephone system for this. The additional features are included at no extra cost and set it apart from any other telephone system available on the market today. It is also uniquely priced based on the volume of simultaneous calls rather than extension licenses, which has cut some of our customers’ bills by up to half. If you’re interested in the best telephone system on the market, simply fill out the short form in the top right of this page or use the live web chat feature in the bottom right of your screen.

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